The name of the game is who is the best at manipulation no one does it better than Jane or red john. Entering in with a smirk and a snide comment about people’s behaviors and attitudes we see another game player in the mentalist. Unlike Jane who is a con artist or Red John who uses his skills more for killing and playing with people’s lives Stiles is more of a business man looking for opportunities to expand the power his has now. During the first interaction Much like Jane, Stiles is charismatic, suave, and brilliant and has applied all three properties to deflect inquiries by authorities into his operation of Visualise on several occasions. He has suggested to Patrick Jane that he has secret knowledge regarding Red John, suggesting that someone he knows or reasonably he might be one of Red John’s associates or even Red John himself (though Patrick himself has stated that Stiles “wouldn’t hurt a fly”). In so many moments a phone is used to connect Jane, Stiles, and Red John, which is why someone like  http:// / is needed.Not knowing what we do about his life as the leader of a weird cult all I can understand for a long time he and Red John have known each other for a long time and probably have done business. However, his apparent connection or alliance with Red John didn’t stop RJ from slaying him by a bomb blast at Jane’s house while the events of Fire and Brimstone.During one conference, Bret gave Patrick the location where Red John was keeping Kristina Frye. He said he knew a lot about Red John. Kristina was discovered alive, but catatonic. At the end of the episode, Patrick is said that Stiles has gone to Jakarta, Indonesia to initiate another Visualize center and so his representatives seem to know when he will be back. Stiles later reappears in Season 4 episode “His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts” filled with murdering a critic of his cult. Despite apparent evidence involving Stiles as the killer, Jane proceeds a course which in the end determines him to be innocent. Stiles ends, and Jane reveals to him at the end of the episode that Jane assisted Stiles so that Stiles would owe him an ultimate favor.In Fire and Brimstone, he is sheltering in the Ecuadorian embassy because the FBI needs to arrest him. However, he engages in the gathering of the suspects RJ at Jane’s house and is included in an explosion. In the same episode, he insists that he has a terminal illness, obviously cancer, and his time is short and precious. Say what you will about this character there is no denying his ability to manipulate circumstances into a more favorable outcome over the years this has become more apparent.