Red John’s performance in the series was the archenemy and antagonist to the protagonist, Patrick Jane, and the only opponent who could be comparable him in intelligence and deductive abilities (or “psychic powers”, as most people recognised). To discover Red John and take vengeance against him for the killing of his wife and daughter was Jane’s primary goal during the first six seasons of the series. A goal continually disappointed by Red John’s ability to be constantly one step ahead of Jane no matter, notwithstanding how difficult Jane’s methods were to stop him. His role is loosely comparable to that of Professor James Moriarty from the tales of Sherlock Holmes. The only trial at the level of the intelligence and deductive skills of the brilliant detective, and who like Red John practice staying in the shadows. While operating through a chain of supporters (although Red John had much more presence in the crimes, killing the majority of his victims on his own, and was much harder to defeat). Bruno Heller, the originator of The Mentalist, reaffirmed this association in an interview by stating that Red John is not “one pathetic loser who is hiding out in a basement someplace. He [Jane] is not fighting the Green River Killer. He’s fighting Moriarty. His importance in the series is evidenced by his presence in the titles of the episodes, be getting all of them a source to the colour “red” (except for Pilot, and all the subsequent events following his death, starting with “My Blue Heaven”). The thing done are not to fix the past like how does so well instead a plan to spill is a foot.

And doing all the first five season finales and mid-season finales focused around him. Heller also expressed Red John as being Jane’s White Whale, Moby Dick of Melville’s book, the obsession that consumes Captain Ahab. Even so, modifications include that Red John was a considerably more tenacious enemy, serving regarding two and a half seasons more; and the idea of the character is entirely different. Being Red John a sort of criminal mastermind with a net of associates closer to Moriarty, and Jack of All Trades a solitary and obsessed murderer more like true life serial killers. The number of minions working for him is vast, and range from the CBI to the FBI and other law enforcement establishments were controlling the events of things which all seem to lead back to the spider in the center of the web named by the tiger who was made by thee. The William Blake poem really does fit into the story quite well since most good villains have something that makes them set apart from the rest of the trash, I mean Joker has his jokes some leave messages while others just carve a path of blood tot the goal of being a nightmare in the world. Additionally, a possible real-life motivation for the character may have been Keith Hunter Jesperson, a serial killer also identified as the “Happy Face Killer”, and who used to address notes to police prosecutors moreover and sign them with a smiley face giving him this name.