One of the things that make you more attractive to all other aspects of life is the fact you can choose who you are in the end nothing can take this truth from you. Many things these days stop a person from living the life they want but the mentalist shows us a different way of viewing things. We a see a man who the family is slain with no remorse due to an insult slung at a psychopath on a talk show which is more in spite the fact one person finds another exciting by any means necessary.Patrick Jane is a retired counselor for the California Bureau of Investigation. He practices his keen abilities of perception, his dazzling talent and his ability for misconduct to solve wrongs. Despite his absence of borders and neglect for protocol, he is admired because his tricks, ploys, and mind games solve cases. His motive in joining the CBI is to find and kill Red John. Jane beforehand formed as a psychic and became a minor celebrity. In a TV discussion, Jane insulted Red John, a serial killer, saying: “He’s an ugly, tortured little man, a lonely soul, sad, very sad.”This motivated Red John to slay Jane’s wife, Angela Ruskin Jane, and girl, Charlotte Anne Jane. Ever since Jane’s story purpose has been to retaliate his family by murdering Red John. In the episode Red John (episode), he certainly exacted his vengeance and executed Red John. After two seasons in hiding, he was recruited by the FBI as a consultant.

After Red John’s assistant Craig O’Laughlin is killed while attempting to kill Madeleine Hightower in her peak cabin hideout, Jane (who is in a food court in a Sacramento mall) has Lisbon work the redial on O’Laughlin’s phone and report to whoever acknowledges that O’Laughlin is dead. An average-looking sir (played by Bradley Whitford) meeting in the food court near Jane acknowledges his phone. Jane, regarding this, has Lisbon tell him what the person she called said to her. Lisbon repeats everything the man in the food plaza had said into his phone. Jane faces the man, who initially dismisses it, but seconds later identifies himself as Red John. Jane, though, is still doubtful and confronts the man anew as he attempts to leave, just for him to reveal to Jane the circumstances of the murders of his wife and child, especially, what they smelled of jasmine and soup. This info pushes Jane over the edge, and he charges after the guy, then guns him down with a weapon concealed in his coat pocket. Jane later sits down and quietly sips tea while expecting to be captured, apparently convinced that this gentleman was certainly Red John. However, in following episodes, it seems that the man that Jane had shot was not Red John but a minor abductor called Timothy Carter, another example of Red John’s accomplices. After he destroys the real Red John, Thomas McAllister, he flees to South America, but he returns following two years to serve as a consultant for the FBI.