The search Lisbon first engaged Jane while he proceeded to the local CBI to get a report regarding the serial killer Red John in the scene Red Dawn. Despite showing sympathy for him and his loss, she remained at first annoyed with his style. Later, she requests him for his guidance during a murder inquiry and seems to hold his accessory to her team after Minelli allowed him a job. Lisbon cares strongly about Jane and even though he regularly gets her in difficulty since of his reckless and untrustworthy behavior, they developed a solid understanding. As time goes on, grows more plausible that Lisbon has established something that develops into strong, passionate affections for Jane. She seldom ever bestows her kindness towards him, though it’s apparent that he’s conscious of her feelings for him. When Jane left for six months at the end of season four, she remained apparently upset, and when she discovered the Jane had an affair with Red John’s assistant Lorelei Martins, she also seemed to be insecure and hurt. Jane once said her he loved her which she questioned him about and looked terrified while doing so, and Jane claimed not to remember what he’d said. They Seem to be closer in season five, though Lisbon constantly conflicts among her compassion for Jane and her worry he could proceed too far to get knowledge from Lorelei. In the season, five close, Red John’s Rules, Lisbon and Jane’s growing relationship is again produced to the forefront. Though this time, Lisbon is the one being asked about her feelings. Lisbon and Jane revisit Sean Barlow, a ‘psychic’, in that he asks to know what Lisbon is lying just by explaining it on her face. ¬†After asking her anywhere, she was the night back last as she had urged him and told Lisbon that she was ‘lying in bed and thinking about Patrick.’ He recommends that Lisbon is ‘a little in love with’ Jane, to that Lisbon does not dispute, but only swings her head in uncertainty. Sean Barlow then continues to tell her that Jane is ‘secretive and controlling’, and implies that here is a tricky thing for her to accept, what she still doesn’t dismiss. Trying to protect Lisbon from her blush-worthy testimony from Barlow, Jane turns the discussion back, but it is too late. We saw the revelation all over her features.