One of the more engaging characters on the mentality is Erica, a woman who seems interested in our main protagonist Patrick Jane. How they incorporate her into the story was truly magnificent since she gives a different perspective on the dangers of female psychopaths. Which as a group are ignored because of a false idea that women are not capable of doing something too sophisticated as planning a murder or guilty of the mistreatment After meeting and wedding her husband John she operated his matchmaking company with him and earned a lot of money. When John desired to sell the business, she murdered him and set up an alibi with the help of Peter Claridge, her assistant with whom she was holding an affair. When CBI started examining, Erica tried winning Patrick to control the investigation but lost. Although she wasn’t capable of seducing him, she did manage to make him reveal a lot about his feelings for his wife — all captured on videotape and consequently seen by Lisbon limo.

Later Patrick tricked her into admitting she didn’t care about Peter. As a consequence, Peter yielded her up. She was convinced that she would overcome the murder rap and did ultimately jailed for manslaughter. Erica returns during the episode War Of The Roses while she calls Patrick Jane from penitentiary insisting on having knowledge about their current case. She persuades him to get her a short leave from prison to help find the killer. He is, of course, skeptical of her the whole time, worrying she’ll try to bolt. Inevitably she gets Jane singly in a hotel room and tries to seduce him, only snatching a kiss that drives to nothing. After the killer is discovered, she is picked up by a guard to be delivered to prison, but it turns out, the guard who picked her up was a fake, and she escapes. She later calls Jane from a gracious place and states that she is looking forward to meeting him again.Erica is a sociopath who practices her looks and charm to get everything she wants in life, like getting Jane to kiss her. She is whimsical and can be deemed almost as smart as Jane is. She is also a proficient manipulator and applies this to make people do things for her benefit, such as planning her assistant into providing her an alibi, and manipulating Jane and Lisbon toward enabling her to help in the War Of The Roses case.